10 Most Popular Interior Design Trends for 2022

10 Most Popular Interior Design Trends for 2022

We all love getting new inspirations for decorating our homes. Each year seems to bring with it new trends for interior design, and 2022 is no different. There are a myriad of options that will allow you to maximize your style and aesthetic this year. Here are some of the most popular interior design trends for 2022.


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Neutrals are always classic and allow for you to really diversify your aesthetic; however, they are becoming even more prominent this year. They can be combined with whites as well as cool and warm undertones. Shades of grey and beige are perhaps the most popular when considering neutral paint colors. Making your walls neutral can really maximize your options for décor. This is likely one of the reasons they are increasing in use given that there are an increasingly large number of trends and neutrals allow for more to be incorporated.

 Metal Furniture

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Metal furniture is a great choice for those wanting a more modern, sophisticated look to a room. This is one of the areas where design has greatly expanded over the recent years with what used to be more industrial now taking a more widely applicable appeal. There are many great ways to incorporate metallic designs into your décor including light fixtures and framing of furniture. Feel free to checkout our metal collection for some more inspiration.


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Sustainable design has been increasing in popularity for years, and 2022 is prepared to launch this to the forefront. It is no surprise given society’s increasing concern for their carbon footprint. Sustainable design involves the use of locally and ethically sourced products. As such, many designers are looking more into not only the options provided in terms of décor but also the means through which they are sourced.  


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Blues are becoming incredibly trendy once again. When paired with a neutral beige, there are many opportunities to leverage different shades of blue to create a pleasant, relaxing vibe in a room. Consider selecting one item as a focal point to help tie the room together. This piece can often be a brighter hue. Blues are a compelling and vibrant choice that seem to have a timeless appeal, emerging again in popularity every few years. If you love this color, this is definitely a trend that you can incorporate in your 2022 design plans.

Relaxing Nooks

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The recent pandemic has left most of us spending a lot more time in our homes. With that, it is no surprise that a huge interior design trend for 2022 involves creating more relaxing spaces for the home. One way this is taking shape is through relaxing nooks. Whether a breakfast nook or one for relaxing and reading, this is a big trend. A cozy nook tends to work best in areas with large windows that can produce a lot of natural light. Pair a small wooden table and chairs or match a coffee table with a cushioned bench for the right vibe you’d like to create.

Outdoorsy Elegance

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With many people now favoring safer gatherings in small numbers, the home has become a place for hosting much more frequently. As such, many people have opted to invest in more expansive outdoor settings. These are great for enjoying a romantic dinner, relax and read a book, family game night or can be an extension of your living room when you are hosting friends and family. There are many ways to enhance the elegance of a balcony or garden with modern furniture, stringing twinkling lights, and using floor cushions or mats to create an informal and cozy atmosphere.


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One trend that is catching the interior design world on fire in 2022 is florals. No longer simply limited to 1960’s throwbacks, florals are becoming popular in a huge way this year. There are many exciting ways to incorporate florals into your décor choices through wallpaper, accents, and even furniture. Our Spring Collection includes many pieces that you can use to highlight this trend in your home.

Vivid Accents

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While many of the trends for 2022 deal with neutral tones, many people are finding small ways to complement those tones with splashes of color. Vivid accents are a great way to accomplish this. You can add vibrant colors really inexpensively. Using cushions, curtains, and even artwork is a great way to put splashes of color into a room’s aesthetic. This can really transform the mood of a room whether you are looking for a warm, welcoming feeling or a calm, collective space.

Multifunctional Spaces

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Minimalism is here to stay and part of incorporating this lifestyle theme for many people involves creating multifunctional spaces. This allows people to optimize their space. Common examples of this are combining a bedroom with a home office space or adding a workout space to a family room. A good multifunctional space can quickly and seamlessly be converted from one purpose to another.

Curved Furnishings

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Curved furniture brings with it a very soft and wavy vibe. This can be incorporated through curve-backed chairs or through the incorporation of angular sofas. Adding curves can help break up the monotony of what is often more linear design. This works great in spaces of all kinds from bedrooms to living rooms. Feel free to experiment by mixing pieces with sharper curves with those with softer ones to create contrast and juxtaposition.

Final Thoughts

The most popular interior design trends for 2022 are diverse enough that nearly anyone will find a great idea of how to incorporate them into their needs. One of the most fun things about interior design is customizing looks to fit with your preferences. Blue Dot Design is always happy to provide a wide selection of options so that you can pair nearly any design trend with your home décor.