8 Contemporary Dining Room Design Ideas

8 Contemporary Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the home. After all, it is where the family comes together to dine and catch up on the day with one another. It is also an important place for hosting others and celebrating holidays. If you are looking to refresh your dining room, here are eight contemporary dining room design ideas.

 1. Hardwoods are In

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Hardwoods are definitely a major trend this year and not just in terms of flooring. Many people are increasingly turning to sustainable design. Hardwoods are great choices for dining room furniture as they are sturdy, look beautiful, and can last a long time. Additionally, when you add in treatments for stain resistance, they can even be quite easy to clean, making them ideals for dining tables.

 2. Go Minimal for Small Spaces

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While many people use their dining rooms for family meals or to host family & friends, there are some people who do not necessarily need to seat large numbers of people. For example, a young professional or newly married couple may just need seating for them and perhaps a few guests. Minimalism is in as people are focusing on efficient use of space. Thus, feel free to go with smaller furniture for dining rooms. For people in apartments or small homes, there are many ways to go minimal while still being in style.

 3. Focus on Lighting

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Lighting is very important when it comes to creating a modern dining environment. There are many ways that you can add light. Having an eye-catching fixture above your table is certainly one way. However, another good idea is to place a few lights on stands around the room, making several points of light for a vibrant space. If you want to create specific moods, consider adding smart light bulbs that can change colors.

 4. Add Modern Art

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Creating a modern dining room can be made a bit easier by adding some modern art. One of the great things about modern art is that there are so many different styles and color patterns that you can find something for virtually every taste and situation. Consider adding a large painting on the major wall or simply placing a handful of small modern sculptures around the room as a bit of added décor. This is also a great idea because it can serve as conversation topics with guests.

 5. Add Mismatched Chairs

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When we talk about mismatched chairs, we aren’t saying have each chair be different. Instead, consider having two chairs of one style at opposite ends of the table and chairs of another style along the sides for guests. This can create both juxtaposition as well as symmetry at the same time. One of the hallmarks of modern styles is that they often play off of one another quite well. This is a great way to get a bit of a playful take on your dining room and can actually help the room look more put together.

 6. Add Some Planters

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Green is important when it comes to creating a modern look. While green colors are popular, that isn’t what we’re talking about here. Instead, we are discussing adding some planters to your dining room. Planters allow for the integration of natural greenery that also help create a positive environment by helping freshen the air. Add plants at different levels by installing planters at several different heights together. This can be a great addition for the corner of a dining room or to use to frame some other décor along a wall.

 7. Use a Rug for Framing

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When you think of dining rooms, you probably don’t visualize a rug. However, a rug can serve as a great way to tie together a room. Typically, rugs for the dining room should be just a bit larger than the table, although some people prefer them large enough for the table and chairs when people are sitting. Rugs can effectively add some texture to the room or can be a great source of an extra splash of color when it comes to adding a bit of color coordination to your dining setting.

 8. Add Warm Colors as Accents

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For many people, an ideal dining room is one that has a warm, welcoming feeling. Adding warm colors such as yellows, oranges, or reds is a great way to achieve this feeling. This can be done with small accents. Consider painting an accent wall while leaving other walls more of a neutral color. You can also add splashes of color through décor, chairs, decorative pillows, and other ways. Warm colors can be a way to create a cohesive happy feeling.

Final Thoughts

Source: Architectural digest

There are many great ways that you can use to make your dining room have a modern look. If you are looking for some fresh concepts for this year, consider some of these ideas for your own home.