8 Home Decorating Ideas this Holiday Season

This holiday season is the ideal time to showcase your creativity. Give your home some festive sparkle this season with our lovely decorating ideas, for every budget. As the holiday season was very different for all of us last year, we can be a little more extravagant with decorations in 2021 to make up for the lost time.
Take a cue from these inventive and festive decorating ideas for large and tiny rooms to bring every inch of your home into the festive spirit. We bet you'll find something you want to duplicate on this list, whether you want to get a traditional decor or something a little extra - we have got you covered with our 10 Home decorating ideas to choose from. And when you're ready to prune your tree, we've got some suggestions for you.
  •   Add impact with colours
One of the best things about decorating is that there is always a theme for everyone. Some people love to go all-out, while others prefer a slightly subtler approach. Keep your decor simple and elegant with a colour scheme.
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 Layer your favorite bright – Paint one of your walls in a bright colour or mix and match the fabrics for your furniture, embracing one of your rainbow bright colours. Simply add pops of green foliage decorated in beautiful planters with a touch of gold, neutral or bright colours creating a carefree and energetic look.
 Mix and match metallic - An easy way to add a bit of glamour and the festive spirit is through metallic touches. Mixing metallics such as yellow gold and silver helps to elevate the standard decorations by adding a sense of luxury. Cushions and table runners in silk with gold embroidery or planters with a touch of gold are a perfect addition to your celebrations. 
Go all white – An all-white room can be the perfect décor for this holiday season, keeping the space monotone and natural. To create the impact one should play with textures with sequence, soft fabrics, natural greens, and flowers. Add a touch of golden hue and festive ambiance with scented candles. 
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Moody Monochrome – Charcoal grey sets up a contemporary tone with arresting white. Paint your existing pieces in grey and add some white cushions and throws along with ornaments for a minimal festive look.
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Green theme - Green is not going away anytime soon in interiors - from walls to furniture to accessories. Put that creativity to use for your holiday decor. To get a quick green look add a lot of greenery to your room with a touch of gold side tables and wall mirrors. Place some green or clear glass vases and wooden candle stands on your center table. For a more contemporary look, add cushions to your sofa in textures or prints in green or change the upholstery of your sofa to green. With this, you’ve easily achieved a perfect holiday scheme without redoing the entire room.
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  • Add Ample Seating 
Your living room is the main area of your home all year long, but it feels extra special during the holiday season. It is the best place for intimate gatherings to larger parties. 
It is the time of the year when you kick back, relax and enjoy with your family and friends. For your guests to feel at home, you must have ample seating. Invest in a stylish and comfortable sofa set with the addition of bright colour pouffes and a center table to keep your party knick-knacks. To spice up a plain chair or sofa, top it with a red pillow and a sprig of greenery. 
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  •  Add a touch of rustic charm
To make your holiday interesting, you can pretend to live in a log cabin even if you don't live in one. For a rustic, understated style, you can put up fairy lights. Enhance the natural beauty with handwoven wicker/rattan furniture and accessories. Get yourself a vintage-looking table, a chair with a rustic feel and you are good to go. Use all of your antique stores finds to adorn every area in the house, adding a festive sparkle.
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  • Add some Romance
For a touch of romance and a twinkly glow, entwine string lights into evergreens and pines. Scatter candles and lanterns about the area to create an even romantic and cozier atmosphere. Then additional lights will add sparkle and help with mood lighting across the room. You can add a floor lamp in the corner of your sofa arrangement or if you have a beautiful corner table you can even put a table lamp to give a wonderful glow. 
  • Bring Floral Arrangements to the Dining Table
Instead of putting flowers in a vase, place them in the center of the table for a garden-inspired look. For a North Pole-approved aesthetic, add plenty of greenery and holly berries. You and your guests are going to love this look. Add some gold and subtle color runners to give your table a complete look. 
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  • Re-arrange the bookshelves
Find beauty in eclecticism. Rather than moving around things on your bookshelves, simply add in the decorations like paper waffle spheres, pyramids in the shape of a Christmas tree, baubles and stars. Bring in the wintry prints and festive statuettes along with some attractive spines, or wrap books in the leftover wrapping paper to get a complete festive look. This is a great way of creating a festive look on a budget. 
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  • Decorate your Credenza 
 A credenza in your living room, entrance foyer, or bedroom can be the perfect spot to get creative and create a landscape or display. Adorn it with warm honey-colored lights, candle holders with a scented candle, and lamps in gold or glass to create a deeply rich and cozy scheme. 
A floral arrangement in seasonal hues brings a good cheer. All it takes to complete the look is a classic pine garland or dressing the sideboard with festive ornaments and evergreens. 
  • Rich and Glamorous 
The most important element here is plush texture. Pick a velvet-covered pouffe, silk, or velvet cushions, or all of them! Introduce a metal coffee table in gold and for that extra warmth and contemporary feel add a plush sofa with soft rich fabrics. Add a side table or credenza in stunning Scandinavian style with dark-toned woods, wicker, and woven textures. For more glitz, you can add large mirrors on the wall.
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