Colour Trends for Interiors in 2022

Colour Trends for Interiors in 2022

There is nothing like a splash of colour to completely revitalize a room. As we enter spring, we are getting to the point where people start thinking about refreshing their homes with a new coat of paint. Maybe you’re wanting a new look in your living room or something to make your bedroom more comfortable. Whatever you desire, let’s take a look at some of the colour trends in interiors for 2022. 

Light, Airy Blues

Blues are an absolutely timeless colour. They seem to peak in popularity every few years and never go completely out of style. Thus, it is not surprising that a shade of blue is at the top of our list for top 2022 colour trends. This year, people are turning to light, airy blues similar to a sky blue colour. 

This is not surprising as these shades of blue reflect a sense of hopefulness. This is a feeling that society is definitely in need of after two years of making sacrifices for the common good. As we resume our lives more normally, a hopeful blue reflects hope for the future. This shade is great in many contexts whether painting your entire kitchen or an accent wall in the bedroom. It is close to neutral and can be used almost anywhere. 

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Brown, Earthy Tones

Browns are another colour that tends to be often popular, and it is certainly a leader in the colour trends of 2022. Browns tend to elicit a natural vibe that goes very well with living rooms. It tends to reflect a restful sense and can be useful in creating a calming mood. Thus, you may want to use this colour in rooms where you want to have a more of a cozy feel. 

Another benefit of brown is that it pairs quite well with a number of other colours. Consider using a light brown as the interior paint and pairing it with forest green accents in your décor. Greys are another great colour to match up with browns. In fact, earthy brown furniture looks exceptionally sophisticated in a grey room accent.

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Soft, Natural Greens

Speaking of greens, while darker greens have not been a trendy paint pick for a few years, softer, natural greens are definitely a top colour trend for 2022. It would seem that few colours are able to create a vibe of nature and positivity like green. This is a colour often associated with peace, rest, and security. Thus, it is a great colour choice for an accent wall in a bedroom paired with creamy whites. 

Natural greens are also great for rooms that receive a lot of external light. So if you have a living room or dining with a glass door or windows, this is a great way to help transition from the environment outdoors to your interior. Greens have the unique characteristic of melding calming and warmth and are a great choice if you are looking to make your home have a more welcoming feel. Use it to accentuate your furniture and create a sophisticated warm vibe in your home.


Sunny Yellows

If you haven’t noticed by now, many of the colour trends for 2022 reflect a desire for the natural environment. This is certainly the case with sunny yellows. These yellows are one of the bolder colour choices on our list. It is truly a cheerful, warm colour that can create vibes of happiness and optimism. 

However, yellows are not as universally applicable as other colours on this list. Thus, you will want to be considerate of where you put them. Having a sunny yellow accent wall in your kitchen or sitting room could add some positivity to your aesthetic. It is also a great choice for a young child’s room or even a bathroom depending on your décor theme.

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Blossom is one of the first signs that spring is well and truly on the way; a welcomed sight and delight with cloudy white to the pinker hues. Pink is a sign of hope, a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings. 

It is a bright and delicate colour that can be paired with white, grey, green, blue and many more, in the interiors. Use it as wall paint for your living room sofa wall or bedroom wall. Upholster your sofa or accent chairs in dusty pink fabrics or accessorize your home with pink cushions, bedcovers, throws, etc., to give your space a sophisticated and beautiful look.

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Light Purple or Violet

The final colour of our 2022 interior colour trends list is another borrowed from nature. Light purples and violets are an effective way of integrating a colour that can often be a bit too much in darker shades. Interiors painted with this hue will exude feelings of joy, positivity, and vibrance, making it a popular choice. 

These colours definitely bring spring to mind and are particularly great choices for living rooms and bathrooms. If you have a nook or sitting room, this will work well for that area too. When looking at different purples, steer away from very darker shades and look for medium tones to create statement furniture on a wall to accentuate your neutral furniture.

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Final Thoughts

Spring is always a time of renewal, and for many people, this means the renewal of your home. This is a great time to update your interior paint or accessorize your home. When thinking about the colours to use, these top 2022 interior colour trends will help you convert your home into your dream aesthetic. 

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