Transformation of Century Rayon

Transformation of Century Rayon


Recently, Bluedot had the opportunity to redesign the interior of the offices of Raysil, Century Rayon (Unit of Grasim Industries), a 10,000 square foot multipurpose office space located in Mumbai’s Churchgate area. This was a particularly interesting project as we were tasked with redesigning a wide variety of spaces including areas for clients, independent working spaces, and collaboration spaces. We are quite pleased with the results and wanted to detail some of the things done to help transform this space to better fit the needs of the brand. 

 Let’s begin on our virtual tour with the reception area. An important area for any business, the reception should be welcoming for clients and also help share some of the character of the business. As you can see, the old reception design definitely made it a focal point; however, it seemed a bit sparse.

Switching to a more modern desk with wood structure and Corian top, helped add to a more business-like atmosphere while also making the space fill out the area better. The backdrop to the table is in beige cement tiles giving the space an earthy understated feel and makes the company logo stand out. Meanwhile, the addition of colorful yarns helped provide welcoming accents that showcased some of the business. In fact, you will find the use of colorful yarn as a common theme throughout the remodel of this fashion yarn maker’s office.

One of the biggest first impressions of a business space for guests lies in the Studio area next to reception. This is a great opportunity to create a welcoming atmosphere that truly showcases an organization. This was a major opportunity to strengthen eye appeal for guests as the original area consisted simply of a wall without opportunities for guests to engage.

This is perhaps the area that we had the most fun with. By creating a more open and transparent space, reception began to feel much more open. The wall was replaced with an attractive area that showcases colorful garments and fashionable yarn. We added in some places for clients and vendors to interact by including comfortable seating and some pillows for accents. This transformed the reception area to a far more welcoming environment, giving a great first impression.

In the before photos here, you see a space that was definitely functional. However, the aesthetics did not truly reflect the vibrant nature of this business. This is something we wanted to address.

The updates to this area feature a blue rug and colorful, matched furniture. A yellow couch paired with two blue chairs provides a splash of color as well as comfort. Furthermore, the furniture was arranged in a manner to promote a more cohesive area, with guests naturally facing one another. Add in some planters, a display of colored yarn, and artwork showcasing the company’s products, and suddenly this space is transformed to a warm one that reflects the business. 

Individual offices are important for being productive and helping promote a positive workplace culture. Well-designed offices help make employees enjoy being at work and be more productive. The existing executive cabins were definitely in need of updating. While they were certainly functional, they seemed quite crowded due to the use of large pieces of furniture. They also needed a splash of color to create a warmer aesthetic.

Streamlining the use of furniture with ergonomic chairs and modern minimalist clean tables helped make the space seem larger. Moreover, a small relaxing and meeting space was created within these cabins with sleek modern lounge chairs. Additionally, the removal of solid partitions and replacing them with floor-to-ceiling glass allowed for the creation of private spaces that were more open in nature. As a result, people using the spaces could have privacy yet still feel as they were part of the greater space. Some vibrant artwork and frames with the Raysil fabrics further helped weave a colorful theme in these working areas.

Another set of individual working spaces for this business were traditionally organized in cubicles for the mid-management. This is quite fitting for work in prior generations; however, the modern workspace aims to provide a better design that supports collaboration and teamwork. Thus, the cubicles simply had to go and replaced with open glass cubicles on the periphery.

In place of a heavy and more congested work area, you will note an open floor plan. Employees are still provided with their own workstations; however, they are designed in a manner where it is much easier to collaborate with colleagues when needed. This new space feels open and inviting instead of restrictive and seclusive. We added yellow and blue dividers to enhance privacy while producing that all-important splash of color. In addition to these, we created open breakout/discussion areas for the employees to enjoy a short break or have a discussion.

The upper floor is a space largely reserved for the CEO and directors. Thus, it is important that this space also reflects the quality and professionalism of the brand. Here, you see an old photo of the hallway in this space. While the hallway is perfectly fine, it doesn’t really stand out and does not seem an area fitting for executive leadership.

Transforming this space was relatively simple in nature. The hallway was streamlined for a more sleek, modern look, helping transport the space decades in terms of style. Additionally, sitting spaces were shifted with old couches replaced with new, stylish features. Planters were used to add some greenery to give a more natural touch while a small table and décor were added at the end of the hallway with special lighting used to highlight the photo.

It is important for an CEO’s suite to have a welcoming area where people can sit and talk. This area had a dark and drab appearance, which wasn’t the message that an organization that make vibrant colored yarn wants to send. Thus, this space needed a remodel in order to better reflect the vibe of Century Rayon.

As you can see, the new space feels much more welcoming and colorful. Replacing the carpet with wood flooring helped create a natural, elegant feel. The space is complemented with tables that match the flooring as well as new comfortable seating. We added some purple pillows as accents which matched the original artwork from the room, helping to place a touch of color.

One of the things that we wanted to feature in this area was this beautiful photo of the company’s founders. While this is a wonderful photo, it was currently not a focal point. However, highlighting this would certainly add important character to the executive area.

This was easily and efficiently done by placing a console table, some planters, and a tall lamp to create a framing effect below the photo. The console also provided an opportunity to display other, décor and personal photos of the CEO. However, the main purpose of this was to fill an area that seemed empty previously and to direct the line of sight to this photograph.

The opportunity to work with Century Rayon to modernize their office spaces was a wonderful opportunity, and we are very pleased to have been selected for this honor. We believe that our updates have created spaces that better showcase the products and culture of this impressive business while providing spaces better suited for productivity. If your space could benefit from some updating, Bluedot is happy to work with you to give you the space of your dreams.