Collection: Coffee and Side Tables

Our collection of coffee tables and side tables is designed to be able to complement many different aesthetics. As you browse through this collection, you will find a wide range of styles from the minimalism of the Kosmo and Caden to the sleek modernity of the Paxton and Moonie. You’ll also find fun options like the Luke, a dream piece for any board game lover, and the mid-century modern selections like the Delphine and Samuel. Adorn your home with classic handcrafted looks with these beautiful décor options.

28 products



28 products


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28 products

  • Berit

    Regular price Rs. 30,700.00
    Regular price Rs. 30,700.00 Sale price Rs. 30,700.00
  • Dalby

    Regular price From Rs. 3,500.00
    Regular price Rs. 3,500.00 Sale price From Rs. 3,500.00
  • Dome - CT

    Regular price Rs. 18,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 18,000.00 Sale price Rs. 18,000.00
    Dome - CTDome - CT
  • Ivory

    Regular price Rs. 21,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 21,000.00 Sale price Rs. 21,000.00
  • Orion

    Regular price Rs. 27,500.00
    Regular price Rs. 27,500.00 Sale price Rs. 27,500.00
  • Pisces

    Regular price Rs. 35,900.00
    Regular price Rs. 35,900.00 Sale price Rs. 35,900.00
  • Misosa

    Regular price From Rs. 24,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 24,000.00 Sale price From Rs. 24,000.00
  • Sway

    Regular price Rs. 26,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 26,000.00 Sale price Rs. 26,000.00