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If your design choices are more in line with metal, we have a collection for you. Our metal collection features a wide array of products from chairs and stools to desks and planters and everything in between. Go all out with rigid, durable metal or choose items that blend metalwork with our handcrafted wooden products. This collection is great for people who prefer a modern or more urban look in their décor. When you choose items from our metal collection, you can rest assured that you will receive the same quality as with our other collection: a functional, sustainable piece to complement your lifestyle.

28 products



28 products


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28 products

  • Josh

    Regular price From Rs. 48,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 48,000.00 Sale price From Rs. 48,000.00
  • Celero

    Regular price Rs. 12,500.00
    Regular price Rs. 12,500.00 Sale price Rs. 12,500.00
  • Romana

    Regular price Rs. 13,400.00
    Regular price Rs. 10,200.00 Sale price Rs. 13,400.00
  • Rope Chair

    Regular price Rs. 15,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 15,000.00 Sale price Rs. 15,000.00
    Rope ChairRope Chair
  • Alden

    Regular price Rs. 29,500.00
    Regular price Rs. 29,500.00 Sale price Rs. 29,500.00
  • Caden

    Regular price Rs. 18,900.00
    Regular price Rs. 18,900.00 Sale price Rs. 18,900.00
  • Selina

    Regular price Rs. 17,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 17,000.00 Sale price Rs. 17,000.00
  • Belgrade

    Regular price Rs. 12,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 12,000.00 Sale price Rs. 12,000.00