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One of the most important aspects of running a business is creating a comfortable environment for customers. Our office lounge chairs are created with the goal of comfort in mind. Options like the Ava and the Auburn are great to use in areas where clients have to sit and wait, providing comfortable and ergonomic options. Additionally, items like the Anna and the Juan are great choices for providing a burst of color for a meeting room. Whatever you decide upon, you’ll be able to spruce up your office space and make guests feel welcome while adding a modern feel.

Office Lounge Chairs

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7 products


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7 products

  • Auburn

    Regular price From Rs. 28,300.00
    Regular price Rs. 28,300.00 Sale price From Rs. 28,300.00
  • Ava

    Regular price Rs. 18,400.00
    Regular price Rs. 18,400.00 Sale price Rs. 18,400.00
  • Dome

    Regular price Rs. 26,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 26,000.00 Sale price Rs. 26,000.00
  • Eliana

    Regular price Rs. 16,500.00
    Regular price Rs. 16,500.00 Sale price Rs. 16,500.00
  • Emrah

    Regular price Rs. 22,000.00
    Regular price Rs. 22,000.00 Sale price Rs. 22,000.00
  • Gaspar

    Regular price Rs. 14,200.00
    Regular price Rs. 14,200.00 Sale price Rs. 14,200.00
  • Remi

    Regular price Rs. 33,200.00
    Regular price Rs. 33,200.00 Sale price Rs. 33,200.00